Sirnaomics Management Management

Dr. Patrick Lu
Chairman of the Board, Executive Director, President & Chief Executive Officer
Patrick is the founder and has led Sirnaomics from an early discovery effort to an siRNA therapeutics product company, with multiple programs currently at clinical stage. Patrick brings 25+ years of nucleic acid drug development experience in Novartis, Digene and Intradigm which he was co-founder. He has led raising over $270 million for the company up to now and developing novel siRNA therapeutic, STP705, for treatment of cancer and fibrosis diseases. Patrick is also serving as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company.
Dr. Michael V. Molyneaux
Executive Director, Chief Medical Officer
Mike brings a unique background with 20 years of experience in clinical medicine and direct patient care combined with 15 years experience in clinical trial development. Mike is a board certified Medical Doctor and has completed his MBA. He was previously the CMO of Macrocure. Mike’s role is to help define therapeutic programs that will match the key properties of our lead product candidates. He is responsible for Global Clinical Operations, Regulatory Affairs, and Medical Affairs. Mike is also a member of the Sirnaomics Board of Directors.
Dr. David Mark Evans
Executive Director, Chief Scientific Officer
David has 25+ years’ experience building and leading scientific research teams focused on target/drug discovery and early stage drug development efforts in Oncology at companies including Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Serono Pharmaceuticals, TGEN Cancer Drug Development Lab, and at Dharmacon. His role at Sirnaomics is to initiate new therapeutic programs based on the most advanced RNAi technologies, identify lead compounds, mature those through pre-clinical proof-of-mechanism (pPOM) and proof-of-concept (pPOC) studies toward nomination of the candidates for clinical development.
Dr. Dmitry Samarsky
Chief Technology Officer
Dr. Samarsky has been at the inception of RNAi technology since 2001 and has been working in various technology management teams in multiple international firms. He served as VP of Technology Development at RXi Pharmaceuticals, USA (2007), SVP of Technology and International Business Development at RiboBio, China (2011) and as Chief Scientific Officer at Silence Therapeutics, Germany (2016). Dr. Samarsky has authored multiple scientific papers, articles, and patents. He has been an invited speaker at over 100 international conferences, and served on the Scientific Advisory Boards for the OTS (Oligonucleotide Therapeutics Society), CNAF (China Nucleic Acids Forum), TIDES (Oligonucleotide and Peptide Therapeutics) conference series and OPT (Oligonucleotide and Precision Therapeutics) Congress.
Dr. Steven Long
Chief Development Officer; China Chief Medical Officer
Steven has 33+ years industrial experience, including 30 years in directing translational research, drug development, pharmacotox studies, clinical research, molecular diagnostic assays, drug manufacturing, quality control and quality assurance. Prior to joining our Group, Steven served as the president and chief executive officer in Personal Diagnostix, Inc. from May 2010 to June 2018. In his current role, Steven is responsible for delivery platform research and development and optimization, formulation development, analytical sciences as well as quality control and assurance.
George Ji, MBA
Chief Operation Officer
George has 30+ years of industrial business development and corporate management experience at multiple international firms, including GE, ASME, CHRG and Quantum Communications. Prior to joining Sirnaomics, George served as a managing director of China Biopharma, Inc., a US listed bio-pharmaceutical company, responsible for its corporate affairs and US operations. In his current role, George manages general operations of the company, including corporate development, finance and accounting, human resources and general administration.
Dr. Edward Wang
Vice President, Regulatory Compliance; China Chief Technology Officer
Dr. Wang has 25+ years of research experience and has in-depth knowledge of biopharmaceutical research and the IND and NDA processes. Prior to joining our Group, Dr. Wang served as the deputy general manager at Shanghai Furen Medicine R&D Co., Ltd. from October 2016 to June 2018 and the director of vaccine production in Newlink Genetics Inc., for a special project to fight the Ebola Epidemic from August 2014 to June 2016. In our Group, Dr. Wang leads our teams focused on manufacturing and regulatory compliance.
Yip Wing Kei
Vice President of Corporate Finance, China Chief Financial Officer
Nigel has 12+ years of transaction experiences in merger & acquisitions, initial public offerings, and private equity. Prior to joining Sirnaomics, Nigel served as a vice president in the Credit Suisse’ investment banking team, and later transferred to Credit Suisse’ private equity team covering growth equity opportunities across healthcare, consumer, and technology sectors in Asia Pacific. In his current role, Nigel manages the overall fundraising process of the group and communication with the banking and investor communities.
Monica Zhang
China Chief Operating Officer, Board Secretary and Joint Company Secretary
Ms. Zhang has been serving as the board secretary of our Group since March 2018 and was appointed as the chief operating officer (Greater China) of our Group in November 2020. Prior to joining our Group, Ms. Zhang worked at the National Foundation for Cancer Research in Maryland, the U.S. from July 2009 to October 2015, with her last position serving as a program manager. Ms. Zhang serves as a director and the vice president of marketing and communication of the Chinese Biopharmaceutical Association in Maryland, the U.S. since January 2013. In her current role, Ms. Zhang is responsible for financing, execution, investor relations and operation management of Greater China of our Group.
John Buergenthal
Vice President, Human Resources
John has 25+ years of human resource (HR) management experience focused within the biopharmaceutical industry. He is currently responsible for all HR functions within the Company which includes talent acquisition, performance management, benefits, compensation and payroll, and has a lead role in corporate risk management. In his past leadership roles, John built and oversaw the HR functions for several high growth or emerging biopharmaceutical companies including two public companies (Guilford Pharmaceuticals and PharmAthene).
Dr. Xianbin Yang
Vice President; China Chief Scientific Officer
Dr. Yang has 30+ years of nucleic acid drug discovery and development experience. Prior to joining Sirnaomics, he was a founding member of several biotechnology companies in the United States, where he initiated numerous pre-clinical therapeutics programs. He also served as an advisor for several international companies, a program reviewer for 3 NIH study sections and 8 journals, in addition to an adjunct professor for 3 universities. He was the PI for 13 highly competitive national awarded grants, an inventor with 4 awarded patents, and the author for of 73 publications. Dr. Yang also received various academic and professional awards. At Sirnaomics, he oversees the nucleic acid pharmaceutical chemistry program for RNAi drug enabling, identify new RNA therapeutic targets, develop new collaboration programs, and lead the CMC in China.