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Sirnaomics, Inc. is a leading clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company in the discovery and development of RNAi therapeutics for treatment of cancer and fibrotic diseases. We are seeking scientist candidates with experience in planning and executing cell-based assays, such as mammalian cell transfection, RNA isolation, gRTPCR, western blotting, cell imaging, flow cytometry, etc. The successful candidate will be experienced with mammalian cell culture, nucleic acid extraction, qPCR techniques and analysis, western blotting, immunoblotting, cell imaging, flow cytometry, and experiment planning and design.

The successful candidate will participate in Biology R&D group effort to identify and evaluate nucleotide sequences for RNAi that can either kill/inhibit tumor cells or synergize with drugs to improve efficacy, characterize efficiency, and specificity of newly developed targeted siRNA-delivery agents by cell imaging and functional assays. This candidate will be proficient in computer skills, such as Excel, GraphPad Prizm, FlowJo.


To be considered for this position, the well-qualified candidate will have an advanced degree to include either a Masters’ degree (MS/MA) in Molecular or Cell Biology or similar discipline and two to three years of relevant experience in industry or academia OR a Bachelor’s degree in Molecular or Cell Biology or similar discipline and at least five years of relevant experience in industry or academia.

Sirnaomics is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and offers a fast-paced/dynamic environment, growth opportunity, competitive compensation, and a full benefits program.

Only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

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